Thursday, August 15, 2013



About me: I am Jesus AviƱa. I like to draw and hang out with my friends from Napa.
I am alright at math but sometimes I struggle with it. I still don't know what I want to be when I'm older. I am proud of myself for trying to do work and not just giving up. I speak Spanish and English but Spanish was my first language.

As a student I think I am well rounded in all subjects. I might struggle with some classes but I usually end up doing good.  My strengths can be some math and science. At first I could be organized then after a while things get out I order and messy for me. My favorite subject I think might be science because you usually get to do some cool experiments and hands on stuff.

As a math student I think I am okay with math, not the best nor the worst. Throughout elementary I was really good at math and when I got to middle school I was still good but when I got to 8th grade, I started to struggle a little bit with algebra 1. Some parts of algebra were pretty easy for me but other parts were really difficult. But overall I did an okay job in the 8th grade. With math I've liked the straight forward problems, I never really liked word problems at all. They usually confuse me or I overthink them.

As a student taking this class I feel like it'll be like a stepping stone to geometry. I think this class is about making your algebra better and preparing you for geometry. In this class I hope to get a B or higher.  To earn that grade I'm going to try my best and put in effort into learning the math.